Monday, February 25, 2013

Book Ready for Download

Here, finally, is my book, the main reason this blog was created.  Briefly, it exposes the school system as a crucial way the control system as a whole functions, and it challenges parents to keep their children away from the system... "bring them home."  If you visualize the control system as a pyramid with the world elite near the top (the real pinnacle exists outside of this dimension) and people like you and me at the base, holding it up by our compliance, the obvious thing to do is stop holding up the pyramid.  Obvious, but not so easy when our perception has been controlled throughout our lives down to the cellular level.  It is the school system, more than anything else, that trains children to take their place holding up the pyramid.  I have no illusions that a majority of parents will take their children out of this sytem anytime soon, but if we can reach a critical mass it will be a turning point for humanity.  We don't need to fight the system, we need to stop complying with it.  

There is a sort of trance some of us get into when we start to realize the extent of our enslavement.  It's too much trouble to resist everything that holds us to the matrix, so we justify going along with it... "just for now."  The trance is how we put off doing what needs to be done: taking back control of our own lives.  It's time to wake up and smell the flowers.  The school system really is about turning living, breathing expressions of consciousness into mindless cogs in a machine, and the architects of the school system really do know exactly what they are doing.  The good news is, we do have the power to change this by remembering our true identity and raising at least a large percentage of the children of today so they never forget who they are in the first place.  That's what this book is about.  I am offering it for free download.  You can print it if you like, share it with your friends; I only ask that you not sell it.  Read or download here... and hold onto your hat!