Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Desperate, Oh Yeah


This is right along the same lines as what I was thinking.  Do look at the above and watch the clip it refers to, where a spokesperson for the Southern Poverty Law Center demonizes some of the people who are getting too close to the truth for comfort and ludicrously blames them for the shooting of the congresswoman and other people in the supermarket in Arizona.
Just look at it, they can kill THREE birds with one stone.  One: they get rid of someone who knew too much about the drug cartel.  Except they bungled that one.  Two: they push for censorship of the Internet by blaming the shooting on freedom of speech gone wrong. They're obviously working on this, considering the above video clip.  Three:  The shootings happened so conveniently in a supermarket weeks after Big Sister Janet Napolitano announced the eventual plan to introduce body scanners into all public places including shopping centres.  I'm waiting for the shoe to drop on that one.

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