Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nuclear Madness

Is it just me, or do others see too much coincidence to be probable in the simultaneous tragedies of the Fukushima meltdown and the depleted uranium missiles being used in Libya?  The Earth is a living being and it is writhing in pain.  There can be no winners in this game and we simply have to stop playing.

I wrote this poem 20 years ago when cruise missiles were being used in the first Gulf war.  It is still relevant today.

Cruise missiles slice the night over Baghdad
Steeple-headed missiles scream
Allah, Yahweh, God in Heaven
Sleep not in your desert palace
White kings of words buried in dens of mystified Sundays
While the bells toll out the call
Robed rulers of swords and nations
Salute the flag of Mars
And oil runs red through the streets of Washington
Brown-skinned brothers who never spoke
The language of the gods of war
Carry out the orders to bomb because
Because because why because
Other brown-skinned brothers who have done them no wrong
They are far from their country, and they never ask why
White-skinned brothers who until yesterday
Knew war only in the video arcade at 50th and Main Street
Shut tight their eyes to kill because
Because because why because
And all around them children are dying
Black-skinned brothers begin to question
Why they must kill for Texaco because
Because because why because
And centuries epitomize on the flag of Kuwait
Mutant brothers wander the desert sands
Searching for food under radioactive fallout because
Because because why because
While beneath their feet are fading
Steeples, mosques, synagogues
Temples and crosses devastated by storm.

January 1991

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