Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tuition Hike in U.K.

Yesterday the British Parliament voted by a narrow margin in favour of a 300% tuition fees hike for a university education.  The level of protest in the streets is reaching unprecedented heights and last I heard, the centre of London was closed to traffic.  This, while MPs are awarded bonuses and military spending skyrockets.

If I lived in the U.K. I would be on the streets with everyone else in solidarity, but still, there is a point that needs to be made.  It doesn't matter how much we protest.  Look at the millions who filled the streets when the U.S. and the U.K. invaded Iraq.  What happened?  We still have a war in Iraq.  Look at the hundreds of thousands on the streets all over Europe protesting austerity measures.  What happened?  We have more cutbacks every day.  Protests are a mild inconvenience for the thugs running our world.  They are not a deterrent.

What will really make a difference is when in the masses we start to take matters into our own hands.  When we protest we are still demanding that someone else do something to solve our problems - the same people who purposely created the problems in the first place!  What is the likelihood that they will have a change of heart just because we wave banners and shout slogans?  Not a heck of a lot.  But when in the masses we stop going along with our own enslavement, the game will be up. 

Of course, there is a deeper question: what do they want to go to the system's universities for?  Increasingly, the years people spend in university are just evidence of more years of indoctrination, deeper programming to do as you are told... especially if you are chained to a job for the next 30 years to pay back the student loan!  Universities, especially the more prestigious ones, are dens of mind control.  Over forty participated in MK Ultra for goodness sake!  If you want an education in higher levels of science, mathematics, literature and so on, from what I can see you're better off teaching yourself than signing away your future for an extra four to six years in the system.  Just my opinion.

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  1. I completely agree with your assertion that it's far better now to find alternative means of education rather than signing up for further indoctrination in corrupt institutions and going deep into debt. And what's the result of all your degrees? A lifetime of serving the system if you can even find a job.